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Named "Best Veterinarian in Clarke County" by Shelby Living Magazine Animal Hospital in Clarke County
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26 S. Greenway Ave. Boyce, VA 22620

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Animal Hospital in Clarke County
Veterinarians in Boyce VA

We Treat You Like Family and Your Pets Like Our Own

Veterinarians in Boyce VA

Senior Pets Benefit From Regular Exams

Veterinarians in Boyce VA

Quality Veterinary Care for Dogs

Veterinarians in Boyce VA

Serving Small Mammals, Pocket Pets, Exotic Pets & Birds

Veterinarians in Boyce VA

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Comprehensive and Compassionate Care for Pets in Boyce, VA

Welcome to Roseville Veterinary Clinic!

Pet owners in Boyce, Berryville, Waterloo, Millwood and surrounding areas in Clarke County, Virginia – Roseville Veterinary Clinic is your partner in your pet’s health! We will treat you like family and your pet like our own.

As pet owners ourselves, we believe annual preventative care with wellness exams, vaccines, parasite screenings, heartworm test and lab tests are the keys to your pet living a longer, healthier and happier life. As a full-service vet hospital, we also provide your pet with surgery, diagnostics and x-rays, pet dentistry, microchipping, nutritional counseling as well as boarding.

Accidents and illness happen even to the healthiest of cats and dogs. This is where Roseville Veterinary Clinic really excels. The skill and expertise of our doctors is enhanced by modern diagnostic imaging equipment, onsite lab, in-house medical testing, surgical suite and expertise and resources in dermatology, internal medicine and pain management.

Call us at (540) 837-1334 so we can help you create additional memories and celebrate more birthdays with your pets!

Meet our Boyce Veterinarians - VIEW ALL VETERINARIANS

Thomas P. Leahy, D.V.M.

Thomas P. Leahy, D.V.M.

Jayme Bosley, D.V.M.

Jayme Bosley, D.V.M.

Belinda Burwell, D.V.M.

Belinda Burwell, D.V.M.

Lauren Taylor, D.V.M.

Lauren Taylor, D.V.M.


Veterinary services

Wellness Exams
Puppy and Kitten Care
Senior Pet Care
Dog & Cat Surgery
Pet Dental Care
Pain Management
dog boarding & Kennels
Pet microchipping
Parasite Prevention
Pharmacy & Store
Pet Allergies


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